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Putting on a Rock n Reggae Concert Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Putting on a Rock n Reggae Concert - Essay Example The event will be staged at Marley Memorial Field, Florida, USA. The concept is to attract interest from students, local residents and music fans throughout the region to these types of music. The specific objectives of the concert include promotion of cultural activities in the town, attract tourists, and increase awareness about the town and Marley Memorial Field as an events destination. It also hopes to engage music enthusiast as well as the general public to watch and rock with the bands. The objective is achievable and attainable with the support of local officials of Florida. Through the help of all involved, it can be realistically achieved with the limited resources. There is sufficient time to plan, market and execute the rock and reggae concert. Rock and reggae is a common combination in the production of albums and concerts. In fact, there are many rock-reggae bands or rock bands that perform ska and reggae. Ska is a faster version of reggae. Reggae is known to have origi nated from African beat as popularized in Jamaica by blacks also of African origin. The music is characterized by bass hook and the emphasized drum or percussion beats (Barrow and Dalton, 1997). Rock is a very popular and major music genre. It is so wide the label is considered an umbrella label for many sub-genres from punk, metal, blues, rock’n roll, to alternative, and many considered popular and middle of the road music. It is one of the most consistently supported genre of music with its own loyal audience, listeners, and fans. Some of rock music’s followers were so drawn to the genre and the musicians they emulate their images such as way of clothing, hairstyle and even lifestyle. RHCP is one of the more enduring bands that emerged from the early 1990s whose music continues evolving. Their music is sometimes labeled funk-rock for its sexy undertone, and many of their singles are considered radio-friendly, and they provide stunts during stage performances, making them one of the more sought-after live rock band performers until more recently (Prato, 2007). Section 2 – Work Breakdown Structure Booking of Performers The priority for this event is to invite and convince the Red Hot Chili Pepper rock band and Sly & Robbiereggae duo to perform in this event with minimal/lower than their usual talent fees. The concert management may convince the talent performers that this event is one way of promoting the said music because not everyone appreciatesthem.That through live performance, the people may appreciate the creativeness of these music genres. After being able to book the major talents or celebrities, the next work to be done is to recruit local music groups to perform for free. Same approach as above shall be employed. In addition, they will also be given a rare chance to perform with the famous music artist of these genres, and be promoted in various multi-media as well. These will eventually make their group more popular in the stat e. Once the performers are lined-up, the rest shall follow and much easier to handle. Booking of Venue and Other Event Needs Once performers are confirmed, the venue must be found. The appropriate one will be the Marley Memorial Field, a high school football stadium with a capacity of 8000. Since the concert will be held on summer, an open space such as a stadium is applicable.Permits and licenses must also be secured in order to coordinate security and police force within the locality. Sound system, lighting, and

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