Sunday, February 2, 2020

Contribution of Shakespeare to Modern Literature Essay

Contribution of Shakespeare to Modern Literature - Essay Example Shakespeare's main arena included one where he affected people through his intellectual, yet seemingly ordinary and therefore, easily accessible message. Shakespeare managed to imbibe a sense of physical action into the rather static state of affairs in the thearetical scene upon his arrival. Also, he was phenomenal as far as creating symbolic instead of purely realistic plots were concerned. In this context, writers of modern day literature have avidly followed his lead by experimenting with real life scenarios to twist and turn them to trasmit a meassge. The striking characteristic of Shakespeare's work lies in its ability to simply transport a person to unknown lands and their unusual elements. Even when writing of the violence Literature ridden times of England or the discriminatory attitude that prevailed among many at that time, he tells a story of dreams and hope. Invariably, writers today follow this basic format in modern literature where there is always a struggle with hope complementing it and finally - the hero takes the cake. Shakespeare actually introduced the world and thereby inducted the modern literary scene, into the traditional rough it out till the end mode of writing. (Harold, 2003) The best part about Shakespeare's plays is that the characters are studies in cultural and societal nuances. Try Shylock from The Merchant of Venice. This money lending Jew fit the typified framework which was associated with the cunning community at that time and Shylock with his dialogues and choice of words became a huge hit merely because he was just like them and yet different in the way he had been portrayed in lieu of the situations that surrounded him as a father. These kinds of characterisations have come to signify the blueprint for all... This paper stresses that it is difficult for most scholars of his work to decide whether his sonnets have more punch or his plays have more of his sense of unparalleled imagination. As far as his style of writing is concerned, his nuances and detailing have been a benchmark for many a writer. On a more personal note, William Shakespeare’s life reflects the story of a boy from a provincial town who made it to the top without any money or connections to support his talent or dreams. Besides influencing the theaterical scene in more ways than one, Shakespeare has been creadited with the creation of the most splendid plays the world has ever seen. He had the power to revolutionalise theatre and he actually achieved that aim with the creation of the most admired plays in Western Literature. This report makesa conclusion that most modern writers have been found to draw inspiration from Shakespeare’s work which promoted them to demonstrate deeper understanding of elements like art and music in one’s everyday. With Shakespeare’s entertaining yet informative and rather realistic style, most writers of modern literature have found to understand areas like art and music which they have imbibed in their work, to reflect the struggles and issues of the time and other general problem areas like cultural suppression, violence and political power.

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